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Originally created for Nate Treme's Goon Hack jam, SPRAWL GOONS: UPGRADED is a simple 2d6 cyberpunk roleplaying game for those who like their dark futures light. 

Ideal for online play, with the 14pp A5 layout designed to be easy to read on phones or tablets. 

New features:

• Glitch and Upgrade Dice

• Body Locations and Injuries

• An extra stat!

• A plethora of optional rules

• Character sheet included

And the BOOSTER PACK is out now!

SPRAWL GOONS: UPGRADED is the perfect accompaniment for Augmented Reality, the holistic city kit for cyberpunk roleplaying games. 


And build your own drones, remotes and bots, with the comprehensive, table-heavy Remote Control!


Go get your dystopia on.



Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Sprawl Goons Original One Sheet.pdf 37 kB
Sprawl Goons Upgraded A5 v1.pdf 5 MB


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A blog post about adding Expertise to the Backgrounds: http://neuralarchive.blogspot.com/2022/07/sprawl-goons-upgraded-expertise.html?

Ok quick question im working on my own tg hack., and im looking for some clarification. How do enemies attack a pc, or is the various combat rolls completely player facing. 

Just want to make sure as i work on my own hack

GM simply states they’re attacking, and how eg: The corporate guard quickly draws his sidearm.

The roll is player facing. They succeed in the Action Roll and injure the NPC, or they fail and the PC is injured. Eg: Said corporate guard levels his firearm and fires or the PC gets their shot off before the guard does.

interested in hearing more about your hack!


I currently have 2 versions.

the Primary one is called Void Runners  a mix of shadowrun and starwars, the second is called Burn Out and is more in lines with traditional cyberpunk with the exception of watch dog inspired hacks/powers and body augmentation via Apps uploaded to a neural net 


They sound great! Very interested in Burn Out, obviously, as any cyberpunk is my jam.

Looking forward to the pod and remastered pdf. Hope things are going well for the project and for you in general

Aw, thank you. Project is going well, just busy with real life (always the way). But sooooon! :)

how dare real life get in your way lol. 

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Combined and POD edition is a little delayed as I’m cramming in a bunch of extra content, so please bear with me! :)

I've just found this game. What's the combined edition you speak of?


I’m working on an omnibus edition, primarily for print-on-demand, which combines the SG rules, the booster pack, the plug-in pack and with some of the vehicle rules from Metal Express. Pages are being re-ordered so it makes sense, rather than just stitching the current pdfs together. There’s extra content going in too, including a city setting.

Oh sweet, that's exactly what I'm looking for! Can't wait, thank you.

sounds awesome. You mention that some of the vehicle rules from Metal Express are going in - any particular reason as to why all of the rules aren't going in? Thanks!

it’s mostly the tables not making the cut. I didn’t want the book to be mainly vehicle stuff.

Hmmm, maybe you could perhaps just release a big-book o' tables (pdf) for the game for those of us that like having everything handy? 😁

Hello! Any word on the collected edition release? Great work on everything


Yes indeed! It’s almost there, so sometime in the next few weeks. :)

And thank you!

Hi, great job!

I think initiative may need a little clarification considering how player-facing the game is.

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Yeah. It’s mentioned in the Plug-In Pack that it’s totally optional.

When I run it, I use it if NPCs initiate hostilities or use ambush tactics, but you don’t need to do that. It’s just there if you want it.

A better way would be to let the PCs get a Reaction vs enemy DS Action Roll to ‘dodge’ in the first instance if the NPCs kick off, assuming the PCs don’t want to just go on the attack. If they fail said Reaction roll, they take the difference in damage from the first strike (as standard).

I’ll make it clearer in the combined POD edition (currently in progress).

Booster Pack out now! 


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A French version of Sprawl Goons Upgraded is available here


Also on itch.io https://jeepee.itch.io/sprawl-goons-upgraded-vf

Thanks to Geist for his kind permission ;-)

That looks amazing! Great job! I love the sample characters.

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Very cool game and very cool stuff.

I'm talking about on my blog here:


Would you agree that I publish a French translation of the Sprawl Goons Upgraded rules, for free of course?

I've already done this for Tunnel Goons.



Yes, of course! And thanks for the write-up on your blog! :)

Looks very clean! What software did you use to design it?

Quark Xpress (at work LOL). Same could easily be achieved using Indesign.


Second off: Damn it now I need to figure out a different theme for my entry.


First: Thanks!

Second: Sorry dude. Radioactive Goons?